Tauman Torekhanov is continuously researching the historical development of various cultures of XIX-XX cc. You can make donation to support Tauman Torekhanov and his work in the history research using below mentioned information. Tauman Torekhanov greatly appreciates your contribution and support in helping the research of history and culture of nomad nations which existed on the territory of Kazakhstan during XIX-XX cc.


Tauman Torekhanov turned 85 years old!

Congratulations to Tauman Torekhanov with his 85 year anniversary

Tauman Torekhanov has recently finished his new memoir book, "Collision of Destinies"...

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Tauman Torekhanov has recently finished his new book, "Dala Herculesi"...

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In this novel, most of characters and personalities are genuine and their real names are used. The book depicts people and nations who suffered and became victims of the red empire's coward and evil policy in the 30-40 yy. of the XXth century...

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humboldt state university

Tauman Torekhanov has visited Germany on December, 2000. He has been invited to give a speech in Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. Tauman Torekhanov is the first Kazakh journalist to visit the Humboldt University.


Kanmen Zhazylgan Tagdyrlar

“Bloody tragedy in the steppe” (“Kanmen Zhazylgan Tagdyrlar”) is a documental and historical book-essay.

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Koz Korgender Edi

Tauman Torekhanov was the editor of Shalkar district newspaper for almost 30 years. He has actively participated in the social, political, public, and cultural life of the district and province.

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Gasyr Kasyreti

“The Tragedy of the century” (“Gasyr Kasyreti”) is a documental novel consisting of two books published under one name.

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Remembered by the generation

In his fifth book, the author describes previously unknown and sensational facts about Kazakh national hero Kotibar batyr who sacrificed himself for the liberation and independence of Kazakhstan and its people at the end of XVIIIth century and the beginning of XIXth century and was assassinated by killers hired by the Tsarist Russia.

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The Steppe in Chains

“The Steppe in chains” ("Kisendelgen Dala") is a documental and historical novel-tragedy.

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Human World

"Human World" ("Adam Alemi") is a documental literary book describing fascinating, known and unknown facts about lives of well known people of Kazakhstan including Matay-Ata descendant of Basen-Kotibar-Eset, Nurgisa Tilendiev, Sadykbek Adambekov, and Mukhtar Auesov.

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Tarihtin Kandy Izderi

The book depicts people and nations who suffered and became victims of the red empire's coward and evil policy between 1930 and 1940.

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Hercules of the Steppe

“Hercules of the Steppe”, the latest book written by Tauman Torekhanov, is a historical and documental novel.

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Collision of Destinies

In his latest memoir book, Tauman Torekhanov covers many interesting historical and personal events he encountered during his life as a journalist, Chief Editor of a newspaper, writer, student, public figure, and citizen of the former USSR and modern day Kazakhstan.

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